Soicy Ice Roller S30 (blue)

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Blue ice roller
Soicy Ice Roller S30 (blue) £10.95 inc. Vat
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S30 is a 2-in-1 ice roller with both a W shaped head on one side and a V shaped head on the other.

It has been designed to use on the face and body, and is beneficial for shrinking skin pores, lifting and firming the skin and improving circulation.

  • Compact & easy to use
  • Protective cover
  • Made with ABS plastic

Use your massage roller straight out of the fridge or freezer. 

SOICY S30 is the perfect ice roller for both face and body and will:

  • RELIEVE SKIN CONCERNS such as sunburn, fatigue, puffiness, redness, and irritation.
  • RELIEVE PAIN & SORE MUSCLES, can be used to reduce sinus pain, tension headaches and aching muscles.
  • TWO DIFFERENT ROLLER DESIGNS, Wave-shape roller and V-shape roller can satisfy most ice roller massager requirements. The wave-shaped roller can be used on flat areas such as the cheek, leg, etc. The V-shape roller is better for the partial areas like the jawline, nose, eyebrow, etc.
  • PROTECTIVE COVERS keep your S30 ice roller clean and safe when placing it in the fridge or when travelling, making it an excellent portable device.
  • COMPACT DEVICE, being smaller than traditional ice rollers, makes the S30 both easier to use and more ideal to travel with.